Charleston Boat Club

Links of Interest:

The United States Power Squadron  - This Link will lead you the the United States Power Squadron web site. There is a local squadron in Charleston that will be providing training and boat inspections through out the year.

The Kanawha River Power Squadron Online - Information about KRPS, Local events and newsletter

Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau   - This link will give you access to the events in Charleston
Follow the Links on this site and you will also have access to several other events in West Virginia.

The Great Kanawha River Navy
Charston Marine     This is a link to a local marine dealer

Lou Wendell Marine   - This is a link to a local marine dealer

S. S. Coast Guard   - This is the link to the Coast Guard and will advise you of any actions regarding Homeland Security and other functions of the Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Gard Auxillary   - This site will give you necessary information regarding the various training classes and other services of the Coast Guard Auxillary




Boat US article on Ethanol
Do a Boat US search on ethanol fuel problems and find some very informative comments and articles.

Article about Ethanol in Fuel   
This is a link to the Mercury Marine web site with an article about the impact of Ethanol additives to fuel.


Articles of Interest: